Members Area

Welcome to the members' area of The Productive Leader

The pages within the members’ area have been designed for participants, facilitators and project managers with content and online tools to support them through their Productive Leader journey.

The Productive Leader members' area includes access to:

  • the Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire (PEQ)
  • the Baseline Data tool

If you are logged into the NHS Institute website and are a registered participant, facilitator or project manager, please select Next Steps from the right hand menu to access further pages in this section.

If you are part of an NHS England executive team, a coordinator from your organisation will need to have registered your trust for The Productive Leader through the register now page. If you are unsure about whether your organisation has been registered, please contact us.

If you work for NHS England but are not part of an executive team, you will need to contact us so that we can give you access to the members’ area.

If you are interested in The Productive Leader but are not part of NHS England, please contact us.

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