Collaborative Working

We aim to help the NHS spread and sustain the effective concepts and process we have identified and developed. We are looking to do this through four major networks.

  • a network of Strategic Health Authority (SHA) link directors: to ensure that the NHS Institute’s improvement work is embedded within the SHA improvement system and influenced by it.
  • the Practice Partner Network (PPN): a network of receptive and highly motivated organisations who can rapidly pilot any new knowledge, processes, skills and tools.
  • Delivering through Improvement: this network is designed to provide practical examples of how the best organisations deliver their ‘bottom line’ using improvement methods as a key enabler.
  • NHS Live: a free, national learning network supporting staff, patients and their communities to realise local improvement ideas.

Other networks include:

  • CHAIN (Contact, Help, Advice and Information Networks): free, multi-professional online networks for people working in the sphere of health and social care.

Additional liaison with strategic health authorities together with many other national initiatives will help strengthen our working relationship with the NHS.

Why is it important?

Establishing effective communication channels will help underpin the effectiveness of the Institute in improving the delivery and quality of health care.

What can it do for me?

Ensuring a positive working relationship between the NHS Institute and the NHS will give patients every chance of receiving the quality of health care expected in the 21st century.

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