Guest Editorial September 2009

Maggie_Morgan_Cooke.jpgThe latest guest editorial has been written by Maggie Morgan-Cooke, who will be building on this topic when she presents Expert on Call on 15th October. Click here to register for this free webinar. 

The Importance of relationships to achieve High Quality Care for All


High Quality Care for All sets out a genuine opportunity for a new relationship with NHS staff. It recognises the importance of harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of all NHS staff to deliver its key goals. One year on, Lord Darzi has set out the progress made to date including the widespread engagement of staff, public and patients in developing the 10 strategic health authority visions to deliver High Quality Care for All at the local level.

In the current climate where balancing efficiency whilst driving up quality will be even more of a challenge. It will be even more important to recognise that relationship is the medium of partnership. If healthcare systems are to have effective partnerships then building and maintaining relationships needs to be viewed as an active process that requires both attention and effort from NHS staff and their key stakeholders.

Productive Series

The successful productive series of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement specifically The Productive ward ‘Releasing Time for Care’ shows the power of building a relationship with key clinical groups such as nurses by tapping into their value sets and empowering them to lead and implement patient centred change through a medium that created real ‘pull to spread good practice’ across NHS England and in other countries.

Some of the principles that underpin good business in retail organisations such as Marks and Spencer PLC provide important learning for healthcare in my view. Marks and Spencer PLC were one of the first businesses to seek to build collaborative relationships with its suppliers and retailers rather than simply playing one partner off against the other.

Achieving High Quality Care for All

If we are to achieve High Quality Care for All across boundaries then we need to develop partnerships with meaning. This Webex will provide an opportunity for NHS colleagues to consider the following:-

  • How we can learn from good examples of relationship building across the NHS and private sector
  • How might we achieve partnerships with real meaning to deliver efficiencies and drive up quality
  • How to change conversations in organisations to achieve shared decision-making as the ultimate hallmark of a good relationship and solid partnership.

Maggie Morgan-Cooke 


Maggie's Expert on Call WebEx, The Importance of relationships to achieve High Quality Care for All took place on Thursday 15th October 2009.  Click here to listen to a recording of this event.

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