ICT Mark Schools

About the charter and Mark

The Next Generation Learning Charter is a simple way for your child's school to publicly show its commitment and progress towards best use of technology for teaching and learning.

Launched in January 2009 by Becta - the government agency for technology in schools - the Charter process leads and supports schools on a four-stage journey towards excellence.

My school already has the Becta ICT Mark - how does this fit in with the Next Generation Learning Charter?

The Next Generation Learning Charter builds upon the existing ICT Mark and ICT Excellence Awards, creating a stepped approach to achieving the full ICT Accreditation. The way in which a school is awarded the ICT Mark has not changed, but the  ICT Mark logo has now been replaced by the new ICT Mark Accredited logo - level 3 of the Charter. If your school already has the ICT Mark then it is still valid and recognised.

Has your school signed up to the Next Generation Learning Charter?

A national accreditation scheme to recognise achievements in using technology in schools.

The four levels of charter marks

  1. Committed to ICT

    Level 1

    The school makes a public commitment to Next Generation Learning

  2. Recognised for ICT

    Level 2

    The school is recognised as being well on the way to the full ICT Mark

  3. ICT mark Accredited

    Level 3

    The school is awarded the ICT Mark - the national standard for excellent use of technology across all aspects of school life

  4. ICT excellence award 2009

    Level 4

    Applying for an ICT Excellence Award shows that the whole school has been transformed by their use of ICT.

Questions to ask at your school

  1. Q1

    Have you heard of Next Generation Learning?

  2. Q2

    Have you heard of the Next Generation Learning Charter?

  3. Q3

    Will the school sign up to the Charter?