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The Cabinet Office is at the centre of government, making government work better. This website brings together information from units in the Department. 

London charity receives vital help to provide weekend services for the homeless

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The Connection in St Martin’s-in-the Field, London, has received a £185,000 Government grant to provide much needed services for homeless people in the Capital.

Cabinet Office Director-General Campbell Robb moves to Shelter

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Campbell Robb, Director General of the Office of the Third Sector and Social Exclusion, has announced he will take up a new post at Chief Executive of major UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

Strengthening the Central Intelligence Machinery

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In 2009, the Prime Minister, on the advice of the Cabinet Secretary, with the support of the three Agency heads and having consulted widely within Government, agreed to the recommendations of an internal review on strengthening the central intelligence machinery.

The overview section of the central intelligence machinery section of this site has been updated, including revised terms of reference for the Joint Intelligence Committee and a paper on new central intelligence structures.

Greening Government ICT: one year on

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One year on from the launch of its Greening ICT Strategy, the Government has reduced its carbon emissions by over 12,000 tonnes.  This report describes the considerable measures that have been taken to make Government ICT more sustainable and outlines the plans for continued progress.

New Head of the Social Exclusion Task Force

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Naomi Eisenstadt, the director for the Social Exclusion Task Force, will be retiring at the end of September.

Campbell Robb, who currently manages the Office of the Third Sector, will also become responsible for the Social Exclusion Task Force following Naomi Eisenstadt’s retirement, as Director-General of the Office of the Third Sector and Social Exclusion. 

Get volunteering this summer

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Following confirmation that both Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Minister for the Cabinet Office Tessa Jowell are going to use some of their summer holiday to do community work, the Cabinet Office hopes it will encourage more people to volunteer this year.

Volunteering is fun and can make a huge difference to your local community and society as a whole. While Britain already has one of the highest rates of volunteering in the world, we hope more and more people will get involved in their community.

For information on volunteering, please visit [External website], [External website] (for young people aged 16- 25), or contact your local Volunteer Centre to see what support you can offer.

Public Services Forum: the first five years

Public Services Forum: first five years report cover

The Cabinet Office has published a report of the first five years of the Public Services Forum (PSF). The PSF was formed in 2003 to improve dialogue between government, trade unions and public sevice employers, and it supports and encourages principles of partnership, workforce involvement and public service improvement.

Fair Access to the professions

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The Panel on Fair Access to the professions has published its final report. Led by the Rt Hon. Alan Milburn its 18 panel members examined the barriers and pathways to reaching professions for all people - regardless of their background.
The report was commissioned by the Prime Minister following the New Opportunities White Paper which examined the issue of social mobility and its importance for the economy and social justice, ensuring everyone has the chance to fulfil their potential and secure the jobs of the future.

List of Cabinet Committees

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The Prime Minister has published an updated Cabinet Committee list. This provides details of new Cabinet Committees which have been created since the last publication, including the National Economic Council.

Cabinet Office Annual Report and Accounts 2008-2009

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The Annual Report and Accounts records both the performance and the financial situation of the Department over the financial year. Cabinet Office has published a combined Annual Report and Accounts since 2007-08, bringing together the previously separate Departmental Report and Resource Accounts.

Power in People's Hands: Learning from the World's Best Public Services

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The Government's drive to reform public services by giving more power back to the citizen was accelerated today, with the publication of a new study of innovative public services from around the world.

The Road to 2010 – Addressing the nuclear question in the twenty first century

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The Prime Minister has published The Road to 2010 – Addressing the nuclear question in the twenty first century, which sets out a strategy that will lead the UK into the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference and beyond.

Working Together for Older People in Rural Areas

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Published alongside the government’s strategy on ageing, Working Together for Older People in Rural Areas is the final report of a joint project between the Social Exclusion Task Force and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  This report examines evidence on the social exclusion experienced by older people in rural areas and identifies examples of innovative service delivery that can make a real difference in these areas. As a result of this study, a number of key practical policy actions have been integrated into the government’s Ageing Strategy ‘Building a Society for all Ages’ [External website].

Listening to the front line: capturing insight and learning lessons in policy making

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The government has issued its response to the Sunningdale Institute's March 09 report on reconnecting policy making with front line professionals. Listening to the front line sets out how the Cabinet Office and the policy profession will work with partners across government to develop tools and systems that will support departments to seek and make effective use of front line insight in the design and development of policy.