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ICT Support Analysis Tool

The ICT Support Analysis Tool allows users to take an institutional view of ICT support so that gaps and weaknesses can be identified. It is based on the same structure as the Competences Framework, but functions have been drawn together into broader tasks.

This tool will present a series of groups of tasks at four levels relating to each of the twelve sections of the Competences Framework. You will be asked to select the provider you use for each task.

The key question to ask is "who is doing this task?"

On completion you will be able to print reports that show:

  • who provides the support in each section of the framework
  • the support that each provider gives the school at each level.

Task statements are necessarily broad, so you will need to check the final report to ensure that an important task has not been missed because it was "bundled" with related tasks. Some tasks overlap between sections and levels, as the tasks are too broad to "pigeon hole" to a specific level.

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Last modified: 13 November 2006