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FITS Getting Started

FITS Getting Started is an easy-to-follow, proven method of managing ICT in primary, special and nursery schools. It enables local authorities to set the standard for ICT service providers and ensure that their schools receive an effective service that meets their needs.  

Benefits for schools

The benefits for schools of FITS Getting Started include:

  • greater ICT reliability and user confidence
  • better understanding of school ICT management responsibilities
  • proactive and planned ICT management
  • improved management of technicians
  • identification of areas in which schools can improve ICT management.

Benefits for ICT service providers

The benefits for ICT service providers of FITS Getting Started include:

  • improved communication and relationship with schools
  • improved efficiency of technicians
  • technicians are able to be proactive
  • providing a baseline for technicians’ work
  • schools better understand what technicians need to do.

The FITS getting Started materials can be accessed here and/or delivered to schools by ICT service providers. If you are a local authority and are not a service provider, you can still co-ordinate the implementation of FITS Getting Started by working with the service providers used by your schools.

If you would like more information or support to deliver FITS to your schools, email or call 0800 877 8777.

Printer friendly printer friendly version of this page Published: 10 November 2006
Last modified: 20 April 2009