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Full framework for ICT Technical Support

The Full Framework for ICT Technical Support (FITS) is a set of processes designed to help secondary school management and ICT technical support staff manage and support their ICT services. It helps local authorities ensure that schools operate an effective ICT support service that meets their needs.


FITS can bring schools many benefits. In particular, FITS:

  • gives schools control of ICT
  • gives schools effective ICT
  • supports learning and teaching
  • demystifies the management of ICT
  • saves schools time
  • can save schools money.

Implementing FITS

Local authorities can help their schools implement FITS by organising the delivery of the FITS expert workshops.

Becta has developed the FITS expert workshops to help schools with internal ICT support staff understand and implement FITS. The workshops provide a full explanation of the FITS processes, a demonstration of what is involved in implementing FITS, an understanding of how and where to start an implementation, and an action plan, specific to each school’s environment, for implementing the processes.

FITS training partners deliver the FITS expert workshops. Becta would like each local authority to become a training partner and deliver the workshops to its schools. If a local authority is unable to become a training partner, it can use an existing training partner to deliver the workshops.

If you would like more information or support to deliver the FITS expert workshops to your schools, email or call 0800 877 8777.

Printer friendly printer friendly version of this page Published: 20 April 2009