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BTPA is the independent body responsible for ensuring an efficient and effective British Transport Police force for rail operators, their staff and passengers in England, Scotland and Wales.

The fifteen members of the police authority oversee the police force, set its targets and allocate funds for its budget.


What we do

Read about BTPA's main duties and its plans for British Transport Police strategy until 2011. Click here also for details about complaints, recruitment, our independent custody visiting and Freedom of Information requests.


About Us

Details available here about the people who make up BTPA, the committees in which they work and the dates of their next meetings. Also find information on the legislation that established us and how we are funded.


Browse through the newsletters we often send to parliament and train companies. Also in this section are the full policing plans and strategy documents, financial statements and equality schemes we publish.


Contact us

BTPA's offices are located just down the road from BTP headquarters in Camden, London. Click for our postal and e-mail addresses, phone number, and information on who to contact when.


The latest from us

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