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The Government's report on the Energy Review: "The Energy Challenge" was released on 11 July 2006". This work aims to put us in a position to meet the two major long-term challenges in UK energy policy:

A package of proposals was announced in the Energy Review document to help address these challenges, and work on them is now underway.  Many of the issues are complex, so to ensure we make the right decisions, we are holding a series of public consultations.  These will help us refine our thinking, and ultimately bring us close to meeting our goals of reducing carbon emissions and a secure energy supply.

The following consultations have already been launched:

Consultations on amendments to microgeneration planning rules and the planning policy statement on climate change will issue shortly.

We have also been working with OFGEM to investigate to what extent Distributed Energy could complement, or in the longer term potentially offer an alternative to, the centralised system.  On 1st November 2006 we launched a call for evidence for the review of the incentives and barriers that impact on distributed electricity generation, as proposed in the Energy Review report: The Energy Challenge.

In addition, we are launching a consultation on Offshore Natural Gas Storage and Liquefied Natural Gas Import Facilities. This consultation considers the need for, and requests views on, changes to existing legislation with regard to the storage of natural gas in non-hydrocarbon features (e.g. salt caverns), the storage of natural gas in hydrocarbon features (e.g. partially depleted oil and gas fields) and the unloading of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) offshore.

On 15 December 2006, the DTI (now BERR) issued new Guidance to power station developers to maximise the use of CHP where feasible. In issuing this Guidance the Government is signalling its strong commitment to CHP, whilst recognising that it is up to the market to bring forward the most competitive proposals to help ensure security of supply.  For the first time, this Guidance gives developers access to information on regional heat customers through Defra’s interactive heat maps.  The Guidance also includes clearer instructions on what information is required from developers. The issuing of this Guidance was a commitment in the Energy Review and it is accompanied by a Regulatory Impact Assessment.

The outcome of these pieces of work will feed into the Energy White Paper in 2007.

Below is a link to the Government's report on the Energy Review: The Energy Challenge, together with links to supporting documentation.


Supporting Documentation:

A hard copy of the full Energy Review publication can be ordered by visiting BERR Reports & Publications.