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St Bartholomew, Lower Basildon

This 700-year-old church is serenely situated at the end of a lane in a churchyard shaded by fine trees and near a beautiful stretch of the Thames. The chancel is taller than the nave and has a magnificent 14th century founder’s tomb recess, which was commandeered for Sir Francis Sykes, who died in 1804. Nearby is a memorial to Jethro Tull (1740) with a horse and cart; also a marble memorial with two Victorian lads in swimming trunks who drowned in the Thames in 1886. Typical of several Berkshire churches is the Classical brick tower of 1734. Inside, beneath fine 15th century roofs, are brass effigies of John (d.1497) and Lucie Clerk wearing mediaeval costume, and a mourning female holds her head in her hands to weep for Sir Francis Sykes (d.1826) on his monument by John Flaxman.


Dedication: St Bartholomew

Address: St Bartholomew's Church, Lower Basildon, Reading, Berkshire, RG8 9NH

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Opening hours: Normally locked, but details of the keyholder, who lives nearby, are available at the church.
Parking facilities: Yes
Toilet facilities: No

OS Ref no: SU 612 793
Directions: 7m S of Wallingford off A329, adjacent to the River Thames and the railway
Transport: The church is signposted off the A329