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Mobile phones and portable technology are everywhere – but do we use them to their full potential? How attached are you to your mobile phone? Join in this online art project with Tate Forum and the artist Tracey Moberly and explore the world through your mobile phone.

Mobilography* creates a visual language which captures symbols and works of art in your immediate environment.

Tate Forum looked at Mark Wallinger’s ‘State Britain’ display, the recent Hogarth exhibition and the ‘Victorian Paintings of Modern Life’ gallery at Tate Britain to create a visual narrative that represent moments in and around the location of Tate Britain. Now you can contribute too. Explore the themes on the left and then use your mobile phone to collect images following the themes to build up a contemporary visual narrative of individual experiences of your life and immediate environment.

If you would like to add your own images to the Mobilography project then send your mobile phone photographs to Young Tate at young@tate.org.uk and say which theme you would like to add the photos to. Alternatively, you can submit photographs through the Young Tate Mobilography Flickr group . Please read our terms and conditions before submitting your images.

*Mobilography (from "mobilis" (lat.) - movable and "grapho"
(gr.) - to write) is a branch of photography that creates pictures
using such devices with built-in cameras, as cellular phones, palm
pilots, compasses, binoculars, lighters, etc, not originally intended
to be used for professional photography.

Tate Forum Contributors

Nivek Amichund, Tom Bailey, May Baradah, Tutu Benson, Nahala El-Gizawy, Helena Foster, Jamal Hue-Bonner, Ellen Tunmill Montoya, Arta Musa, Raphael Oyelade , Corinne Scurr, Sonia Yekkini, Charles Cox, Faisal Shaikh, Ashley Anderson, Thanbir Miah, Miguel Angel, Amaris Dixon, Dominic Craig, Ryan Murray, Yesak Bonger, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Persia O’Hara, Charlotte Allen, Leyla Emine Tahir, Michael Williams, Daniel Taylor, Theo Jermiah.

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