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Latest Additions

  • Tackling Youth Knife Crime
    Tackling Youth Knife Crime - Practical Advice for Police has been written to share effective practice from the Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP) force areas so that we can make the greatest impact in reducing teenage knife deaths and serious woundings and, in doing so, increase public confidence.
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  • Drinking Banning Orders guidance
    The Home Office has published draft guidance on Drinking Banning Orders on application, which came into force on 31st August.
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  • Community Safety eUpdate
    The Community Safety eUpdate is the regular bulletin provided by the Home Office for all practitioners working in crime reduction and community safety. The latest issue includes: regional and national problem solving groups, the retail crime action plan, and the offender-based interventions conference.
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  • Alcohol licensing
    This Practical Guide is the essential reference for all those responsible for, and with an interest in, tackling alcohol-related crime and disorder. It also provides clear and comprehensive guidance to the tools and powers available to enforcement authorities and provides for them examples of good practice, specimen forms and decision-making flowcharts.
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  • Not in my Neighbourhood Week 2009
    The first 'Not in My Neighbourhood Week' (NIMNW) took place in 2007. Now in its third year, NIMNW continues to be a great opportunity for local agencies, police forces and partners to highlight the work they do. We've published resources to help you to get involved with NIMNW 2009, which will run from 2-6 November.
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  • Drinking Banning Orders
    Drinking Banning Orders (DBOs) are modelled on Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. They can be made against an individual aged at least 16 if he has engaged in criminal or disorderly conduct while under the influence of alcohol and the court considers that such an order is necessary to protect persons from further conduct by him of that kind.
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  • Community Crime Fighters
    The Community Crime Fighters programme aims to develop stronger links between crime-fighting agencies and the communities they serve. Community Crime Fighters are members of the public who are already actively involved in their communities and want to do or know more. Our new Mini-site contains information and details of  training opportunities for Community Crime Fighters and those wanting to find our more about the programme.
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  • Neighbourhood Watch
    A new study commissioned by Frank Whitely, the ACPO lead on Neighbourhood Watch, finds that watch schemes are effective in reducing crime and that they are valued by the communites in which they operate.
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