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The location and direction of the earthworks are displayed on this map by red arrows. © York Archeological Trust 2004
Main enclosure ditch and platform facing south © Archeological Trust 2004
Main enclosure ditch and platform facing east © Archeological Trust 2004
Main enclosure ditch and large terrace beyond, facing south west. © Archeological Trust 2004
Main enclosure ditch facing east © Archeological Trust 2004
Main enclosure ditch, facing south. © Archeological Trust 2004

Project Documents

Regen issue 4 - The newsletter from the Friends of Gipton Wood [215 kb] doc
Friends of Gipton Wood Leaflet [588 kb] pdf

Archaeological Survey Of Prehistoric Earthworks In Gipton Wood (Phase 1)
Location: Leeds

This project will bring together local people with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and involve them in planning the long term management of Gipton Wood and the ancient monument within. This is Phase 1 of the project.

The aim is to carry out an archaeological survey of the earthworks in the wood to establish the condition, extent and character of the monumemt. The group have consulted with English Heritage and the County Archaeologist.

Local libraries, schools and groups, will use the information collected to create a mobile display unit that can be accessed. The unit will also contain interpretation material based on research into the natural habitat of the wood and its place in the community.

The wood is listed as an ancient replanted woodland and is recorded as Woodland Pasture in historic documents. The SAM is listed as dated between 1000BC and 400AD. The group hope to involve the community through organising events and educational walks.

The group have the support of local history and environmental groups for the first phase of the project. They hope to build on this support to plan the next stages and increase their membership and activity.

Group Name

Friends Of Gipton Wood
Project Contact Peter Kelly
Address c/o Ms Julie Longthorpe, Secretary. 136 Copgrove Road. Leeds. Yorkshire. LS8 2RS
Project Postcode LS8 2JA
Finishing Date 30 Jul 2004

Heritage Lottery Fund: £6953

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