Community Payback - A positive change for the community. A punishment for criminals.

Community Payback is a punishment handed out by the courts. It’s demanding work, carried out by offenders in the community. They have to wear orange high-visibility jackets, marked Community Payback, so you can see that they’re paying back your community for their crimes. Led by the Probation Service, it is a national scheme delivered locally.

Members of the public can have their say about what Community Payback work offenders do in their community. Projects can range from litter removal or clearing dense undergrowth, through repairing and redecorating community centres, to removing graffiti. Whatever the work is, it must:

  • Benefit the local community
  • Not take paid work away from others
  • Not make a profit for anyone
  • Provide sufficient work to fully occupy a group of offenders
  • Be within the capabilities of the local Community Payback Unit to undertake
  • Satisfy Health and Safety requirements

The Justice Seen Justice Done campaign brought Community Payback to the public’s attention and organised a public vote in April 2009 to pick Community Payback projects in a number of Pioneer Areas around the country. This attracted 18,000 votes and helped to increase the public’s awareness of Community Payback.

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Last year (2008/09)...

Over 62,000 offenders completed Community Payback
Over 8 million hours of work were undertaken
Work valued at over £45 million (if paid at the minimum wage) was carried out

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Have your say on what Community Payback projects are undertaken to benefit your local community. Wherever you live in England and Wales, you can contact your local Probation Service and nominate Community Payback projects.

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