Improving safety in general practice

primarycare.jpgProviding safe, reliable patient care is at the heart of being a GP.  We are working with GPs across England to help practices better understand, measure and improve the safety of their care. 

Click here to view a short film about the Global Trigger Tool and the Leading Improvement in Patient Safety training programme for general practice.

The Global Trigger Tool for General Practice measures patient harm caused by healthcare.  It is a means to calculate the adverse event rate and identify areas of care where most harms are occurring.  It provides practices with an unbiased measure of the incidence of iatrogenic harm experienced by their patients.  It informs priorities for action and tracks improvements over time.  

The GTT for General Practice was developed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, using data from the world's largest project to measure adverse events in primary care.  Following independent expert review, the refined Tool was made public in September 2009.

The Leading Improvement in Patient Safety programme gives GP practices the skills and confidence to achieve sustained reductions in patient harm.  A series of safety improvement modules builds expertise in understanding the causes of harm, identifying gaps in the processes which lead to most adverse events, and designing more reliable care for patients. 

Latest news

The new Global Trigger Tool for general practice will be made available in September 2009, with the official UK launch at the RCGP Conference in November. 

Quick Start webinars - 21+25 Sept 09

An article on improving patient safety in general practice appeared in a recent edition of Health Care Risk Report*, which included a contribution from Dr Richard Jenkins on the development of a Global Trigger Tool for use in general practice.  Click here to download a copy of the article (opens in new window - PDF 51KB).     

If you would like to be kept updated with progress on this area of work, or are interested in getting involved, please contact us at   


* Health Care Risk Report is published by Chamberlain Dunn.  To order a sample copy of the journal or to sign up for the free monthly newsletter, visit  



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Quick Start webinar: Global Trigger Tool for GPs
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Quick Start webinar: Global Trigger Tool for GPs
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