Additional Support

Implementation Support Packages

The NHS Institute currently offers individual NHS England organisations two levels of additional support to help with local delivery and implementation of The Productive Leader.

Standard support (Train the Trainer)
This is a 12-month package of ongoing support for local NHS facilitators and project managers who are responsible for implementing The Productive Leader in their organisation.

Each facilitator and project manager signed up for Standard Support receives the following from the NHS Institute:

  • a place on a two-day Train the Trainer event (including overnight stay at venue)
  • monthly telephone coaching sessions with a member of The Productive Leader team
  • monthly online training sessions delivered via WebEx, providing more in depth training and introductions to other tools, techniques and NHS Institute products
  • peer-to-peer support with other Productive Leader facilitators and project managers via the online facilitator forum
  • online licenses for the leadership team (executive directors and PAs) to access Honey and Mumford's Learning Style Index (online personal assessment tool)

Cost of standard offer: £1,800 per person

You can register now for your organisation to receive standard support. If you would like to discuss this support before registering, please contact us

Enhanced support (Productive Leader Coaching)
NHS organisations have told us that it is really important that the executive team sets an example for the rest of the organisation to follow and that they need focused support to help them do this.

The NHS Institute offers enhanced support as a more 'hands on' coaching support for executive teams to implement The Productive Leader. This package allows for 4 days coaching support, which can be delivered as a mix of on-site and telephone coaching as appropriate to the client's needs.

The Productive Leader coach can assist with activities that are identified and agreed as supporting the implementation of the programme, such as:

§                  securing fuller engagement with the Executive Sponsor and leadership team

§                  coaching the facilitator and project manager to further foster and develop their skills

§                  adding external challenge to gain commitment and maximum impact from the facilitated  sessions

Enhanced support cannot be purchased online, but you can contact us to discuss and agree your requirements.

What is the process for agreeing and delivering Productive Leader coaching?

The Productive Leader coach does not replace your facilitator or project manager, who are responsible for getting the leadership team's initial commitment to the programme, organising dates/logistics for the facilitated sessions and leading on their delivery.

In order to purchase Enhanced Support, an organisation must:

1.       Identify their project manager and/or facilitator for The Productive Leader and send them to a Train the Trainer session (see standard support above).

2.     Ensure the Executive Sponsor and Project Manager liaises with the NHS Institute’s coach so they can be briefed as to the organisation's current position with the programme and how its fits with other priorities. With this information the coach can advise on how they can best support local implementation of The Productive Leader.

3.     Ensure the Project Manager liaises with the NHS Institute's coach to project manage the delivery of The Productive Leader.

Follow-up coaching days can be arranged at an extra cost with the same organisational arrangements.

For more information about the NHS Institute's enhanced support for The Productive Leader, please contact us.
If you are interested in The Productive Leader but are not part of NHS England, please contact us.