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Diploma champions to drive forward reform of the 14 -19 agenda

Published: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 00:00:00

Leading figures from the Higher Education, Business and Education sectors have been announced as Diploma Champions for the new Diplomas and wider 14 -19 Reform Programme.

Speaking at the Annual Action on Access Conference, Secretary of State for Education and Skills, The Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP revealed the names of the 'Champions' who will promote the Diplomas and wider reforms with their sectors.

The new Champions are: 

- Sir Alan Jones, Chairman of Toyota - Diploma Champion for Employers.
Sir Alan will work with employers who believe in the value and benefits that Diplomas will bring to both employers and the individual and help communicate the positive experiences and value for early users to a wide variety of employers. 

- Sir Mike Tomlinson former Chief Inspector of Schools and currently chair of the Learning Trust in Hackney - Diploma Champion for Schools and Colleges.

Sir Mike is ideally placed to take forward this role given his work over many years to support schools and colleges in raising standards and his recent experience of the 14-19 agenda. He will be involved in raising general understanding of the nature and scale of the reform programme with schools and colleges, focusing particularly on the new Diplomas. He will help schools and colleges to deliver the new Diplomas in an exciting and innovative way, involving employers and Higher Education along the way.

- Professor Michael Arthur, Vice Chancellor, University of Leeds and Professor Deian Hopkin, Vice Chancellor, London South Bank University - Diploma Champions for Higher Education.

Professor Arthur and Professor Hopkin will jointly raise awareness and improve understanding of the reforms at both strategic and operational levels by senior managers, admissions tutors and academics across the higher education sector.

The Diploma Champions will help to raise awareness, support the implementation and increase take up of these new qualifications. The first five Diplomas, including engineering, will be ready for teaching in September 2008. By 2013, all young people will have access to all 14 Diplomas meeting a wide range of aspirations: providing exciting challenge, different learning in fresh settings. They will also ensure a vital grounding in essential Maths and English, which is also being addressed through current curriculum changes at GCSE.

Alan Johnson said:  "The 14 -19 Diplomas will appeal to young people and encourage more to continue in education to get they skills they need. They represent one of the most thrilling educational developments anywhere in the world and we're investing money and time in ensuring that we get them right. The Diplomas have the potential to pull down the wall between vocational and academic qualifications; replacing it with a bridge between theoretical and practical learning which has been so successful elsewhere in Europe and which works for young people, higher education institutions and business.

"But no single college or school will be capable of delivering them alone. They must work in partnership with businesses, schools, and colleges. I am delighted and confident that our four Diploma Champions will take this challenging agenda forward and work with their peers to guarantee the success of this ground breaking qualification."

To view the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) press release, use the internet link below.

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