Policing is vital to public safety, NPIA is part of the police service. Our purpose is to make a valuable contribution to improving public safety.

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We provide a large and diverse portfolio of products and services designed to support the police service and wider policing family. Our market operates both in the UK and internationally.

As a policing organisation we act as a central resource to ACPO and police forces, working with authorities and the Home Office to help improve the way policing works. 

IT and Radio Systems

Automotive Equipment

Setting the standards to which vehicles and equipment should be designed and installed, for safe and effective operation by the relevant users.

Police National Computer

The PNC is a national information system accessed by the police and other criminal justice agencies.

Major Investigation and Casualty Bureau Management

Find out how Holmes2 is helping police services manage major investigations.

Penalty Notice Processing

The Driver Offender Re-Training Scheme system is being developed by NPIA to record details of offenders who accepted a retraining course as an alternative to a penalty.

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Science and Forensics

DNA Database

Annual Report 2006 - 2007 published.

Forensic Pathologists

We maintain the 'Home Office Register of Accredited Forensic Pathologists'.


New project joins the Forensics21 programme - Evidential Drug Identification Testing (EDIT)

Forensic Police Training
We offer forensic investigation learning programmes to national and international law enforcement ..

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Operational Policing Services

Specialist Operations Centre

A single point of contact for police forces and key partners requesting information, advice or support in relation to covert techniques, major crime, critical incidents and uniform operations.

Assisted Implementation

We help the police service to implement change through guidance and support.

Special Constabulary

Specials are a force of trained volunteers who provide a link between the police and the community.

Serious Crime Analysis Section

Analyse crime under specific criteria, essentially rape and serious sexual assaults.

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Improvement Programmes and Research

Workforce Modernisation
Deliver a second FREE national conference 24 - 25 March to discuss a critical area of police reform: the professional development of the policing workforce.

National Police Library
Free access to police officers and police staff to Europe's largest police library.

library at Bramshill

The IMPACT Programme is improving the ability of the Police Service to manage and share information.

Doctrine Development
Doctrine is used to identify, develop and promote best practice in the Police Service.

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Identification Resources

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Reads vehicle number plates via cameras using optical character recognition software. The aim is to target criminals through their use of the roads.

National Fingerprint Database

Find out how the National Fingerprint Database (IDENT1) is contributing to policing.

Dangerous Persons Database - ViSOR

Is a system that supports the management of dangerous offenders and other persons posing a risk.

Mobile Identification

Mobile ID devices are saving time for both the subject and the police. Read more about this and view the Equality Impact Assessment document here.

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Courses, Exams and Professional Development

Learning Programmes

We develop and deliver career-long learning from the initial stages through to Chief Constable.

Find out how our learning programmes can promote your professional development both within the UK and amongst out international colleagues.

Performance and Conduct Procedures

Find out how new procedures will impact on forces.

High Potential Development Scheme

Is designed to attract and develop the most talented individuals in the Service to become the ...


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