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Help us clamp down on clampers

29 April 2009

We want your opinions on our plans to regulate and licence rogue wheel clamping firms.

We want to stop wheel clamping businesses from:

  • setting excessive fines
  • towing cars away unreasonably quickly
  • putting up hidden or confusing signs in areas where clamping takes place

Unacceptable behaviour

Home Office Minister Alan Campbell said: 'a minority of wheel clamping businesses indulge in unacceptable behaviour including unclear signage and excessive fees.

'This consultation paper is designed to canvass views on a range of options for controls and is a vital step towards putting an end to rogue practices by some clampers.'

New proposals

At present, clampers need a licence from the Security Industry Authority (new window) (SIA), but not the company they work for. The proposed new rules will mean that the company itself must also be licensed.

This will ensure all wheel-clamping companies behave responsibly, and it will help the SIA hold them to account if they do not.

This is one of the proposals outlined in the licensing of vehicle immobilisation businesses consultation.

Let us know what you think about these proposals by downloading and reading the consultation, and sending us your comments.

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