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Society Today articles and profiles

One of the main drivers behind the ESRC Society Today service is a firm commitment to communicating social science as it applies to everyday lives. Social science is often criticised for its apparent lack of direct correlation between research and the subsequent impact of that research on society.

The same critics ironically rely on 'high profile' social science research as a staple source of material; many of the headlines gracing the country's quality newspapers, on a daily basis, and the issues they report on, can be directly linked to specific projects. And this does not apply only to ESRC funded research.

By capitalising on the skills and experiences of journalists and researchers alike we aim to present a balanced view over some of the areas in which social science really does make a difference. ESRC Society Today contains news articles, interviews with directors of major ESRC investments, and focus pieces that identify "science in society".

News ArticlesVoicesSpotlights

News Articles include press articles which have featured findings from ESRC-funded research

Voices are a selection of pieces about ESRC award holders, giving an insight into their work and research interests

Spotlights highlight specific areas of ESRC-funded research, demonstrating the use of social science in society

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