Civil Litigation Costs Review

Appendices to the Preliminary Report – by Lord Justice Jackson

8 May 2009

Appendix 1 – District judges’ survey (Excel 186kb)

Appendix 1a – Personal injury survey (Excel 39kb)

Appendix 2 – Circuit judges’ survey (Excel 67kb)

Appendix 3 – Queen’s Bench judges’ survey (Excel 19kb)

Appendix 4 – Queen’s Bench masters’ survey (Excel 24kb)

Appendix 5 – Chancery judges’ survey (Excel 21kb)

Appendix 6 – Chancery masters’ survey (Excel 24kb)

Appendix 7 – Supreme Court Costs Office Costs judges’ survey (Excel 26kb)

Appendix 8 – West Midlands costs survey (Excel 68kb)

Appendix 9 – Schedule of recent cases provided by Commercial Court Users Committee (Excel 40kb)

Appendix 10 – Table supplied by claimant personal injury solicitors summarising cases completed May – December 2008 (PDF 16kb)

Appendix 11 – Schedule of recent cases supplied by a commercial city firm which did not contribute to Appendix 9 (PDF 15kb)

Appendix 12 – APIL schedule (PDF 71kb)

Appendix 13 – Schedule of recent Technology and Construction cases (PDF 21kb)

Appendix 14 – Schedule of recent Court of Appeal cases (Excel 23kb)

Appendix 15 – Schedule of recent Chancery cases (PDF 10kb)

Appendix 16 – Supreme Court Costs Office exercise (Excel 34kb)

Appendix 17 – Publication claims resolved in 2008 (PDF 31kb)

Appendix 18 – One week’s cases of a liability insurer (Excel 352kb)

Appendix 19 – E–Disclosure costs models (PDF 30kb)

Appendix 20 – Analysis of cases handled by one costs drafting firm since 2003 (PDF 12kb)

Appendix 21 – Sixteen graphs provided by NHSLA (PDF 114kb)

Appendix 22 – Data provided by MPS (Excel 211kb)

Appendix 23 – Two years’ cases of a liability insurer (Excel 124kb)

Appendix 24 – One year’s cases of a liability insurer (Excel 378kb)

Appendix 25 – Data from the Compensation Recovery Unit (Excel 41kb)

Appendix 26 – One year’s cases of a liability insurer (Excel 37kb)

Appendix 27 – Two and a quarter years’ cases of the same liability insurer (Excel 120kb)

Appendix 28 – Report by Frontier Economics (commissioned by the Association of British Insurers) and APIL response (PDF 701kb)

Appendix 29 – Appendix to Chapter 60 – State limits on contingency fees (PDF 100kb)

Appendix 30 – Appendix to Chapter 60 – Federal statutes providing for award of legal fees (PDF 51kb)