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Criminal Records Bureau reduces fees

15 July 2009

From 1 October, the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) will be reducing the fee for standard disclosure checks from £31 to £26.

The fee reduction is due to an expected increase in the volume of disclosure applications being processed because of the new vetting and barring scheme, which comes into effect in October. The scheme will increase ‘safeguards’ for those who work with children and vulnerable adults, including having just one organisation to check people – the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) (new window)

Greater value for money

Home Office Minister, David Hanson MP said,'The CRB plays a vital role helping to protect the most vulnerable in our society by giving employers the extra tools they need to make informed recruitment decisions.

'The cost of a CRB check now represents even greater value for money given the protection and assurance that such checks provide.'

The fees

The following fees will apply from 1 October throughout the remainder of 2009/10:

  • Standard CRB check - £26 (reduced from £31)
  • Enhanced CRB check - £36 
  • POVAFirst check - £6

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