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Strengthening the common travel area

This consultation sought views on our proposals for to strengthen the common travel area (CTA). The consultation posed six important questions for the private sector about the cost and implications of the proposal to introduce border controls on all air and sea routes between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. It also sought views on the acceptable forms of documentation for travel by air and sea, and whether those proposed acceptable forms of documentation would be different for travel by air from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland.

The consultation ended on 16 October 2008. All responses received during the consultation process have been analysed carefully. 'Strengthening the common travel area: Government response to the public consultation' and the accompanying 'Final impact assessment of common travel area reform' were published on 15 January 2009 and can be found below.

The implementation of reforms will be taken forward, taking careful note of the range of views expressed and in close cooperation with key stakeholders. Our proposed reforms are set out in the Common travel area section of this website.

Last Updated: 23 February 2009