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About us

Our objectives and values

Our purpose

Working together to protect the public.

We put public protection very clearly at the heart of our work to counter terrorism, cut crime, provide effective policing, secure our borders and protect personal identity. 

Our strategy

We want people to feel safe, and confident in their homes and neighbourhoods, so they can live freely, contribute to society and prosper in their daily lives. The Home Office strategy sets out our direction for the next three years for the full range of our work.

Read what we plan to achieve, how we plan to achieve it, and the measures we will use to assess our progress in the Home Office Strategy.

Departmental objectives

We work with our partners and the public at local, national and international level to:

  • help people feel secure in their homes and communities 
  • cut crime, especially violent, drug and alcohol related crime
  • lead visible, responsive and accountable policing
  • protect the public from terrorism
  • secure our borders and control migration for the benefit of our country
  • safeguard people's identity and the privileges of citizenship
  • support the efficient and effective delivery of justice

Our values

The values we developed in consultation with our staff and stakeholders, underpin how we will achieve our objectives, and guide our everyday behaviour:

  • we deliver for the public
  • we are professional and innovative
  • we work openly and collaboratively
  • we treat everyone with respect 

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