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You have the right NOT to remain silent

4 March 2009

A new campaign has launched to ensure that everybody knows the level of service they should expect from any police force in England and Wales.

The campaign, which includes radio and print advertisements, highlights the set of promises outlined in the policing pledge (new window).

The pledge, which rolled out in December last year, and to which all 43 police forces have committed, gives residents an unprecedented say in how their communities are policed.

It allows them to hold their local police to account to ensure they receive the level of service they expect. It is designed to bring confidence to communities in their local force, by providing the same level of police service throughout the country, while also prioritising areas local residents consider to be most important.

New research, published by the Home Secretary and Crime and Justice Advisor Louise Casey, shows that currently, only 47% of people know what services they are entitled to from their local police.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said, ‘I want people to be empowered and take advantage of the new deal policing pledge and that is why this new campaign is crucial in ensuring that you know the minimum standard of service you should receive and that you have a greater say and influence over how your streets are policed.’

Find out more

Read more about the policing pledge on the Directgov website (new window)

There is also a new number people can text to get the phone number for their local neighbourhood policing team and their police force non-emergency number.

Text ‘PLEDGE’ followed by your postcode to 66101 to receive the details about your own local team.

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