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17 April 2009

We want your input into how local authorities, businesses, police and communities should protect the areas where we all live, work and play from terrorist attacks.

Because terrorists aim for the highest possible loss of life, places where people gather are always particularly vulnerable. So we've launched a consultation to help everyone in those areas better understand their roles and the practical changes they can make to keep everyone safer.

Crowded areas include everyday gathering spots like pubs and night clubs, busy shopping centres, football grounds, and even restaurants, cinemas and theatres.

The consultation is designed to ensure that those who work with or in busy crowded areas understands their roles clearly, and the practical changes they can make to keep people safe. The consultation also looks at how planners and architects can design buildings and public spaces that are safer for everyone.

Tell us what you think

We'd like to hear what you think about these issues. Please take a few minutes to download and read the consultation, and if the issues are important to you, reply to some of the questions it asks. Responses must be sent in by 10 July 2009.

New approach

The consultation builds on a 2007 review of crowded places, which found that a new approach was needed to protect these areas, and that security should be considered when new public areas are planned and designed.

The review, by Security Minister Lord West, followed the attempted terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow in 2007. He said that while much work has been done to improve security in crowded places since then, ‘we need to do more to turn available advice into proportionate action on the ground.’

‘This is not a job for the government or police alone,' Lord West said. ‘We will achieve this by better engaging local authorities, local partners and in particular businesses, to encourage them to implement counter-terrorist security advice.’

The government is allocating £5m to the effort to make crowded areas more safe and secure.

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