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More help to tackle knife crime

29 June 2009

More than 150 organisations will receive £2.3m to tackle knife crime and support victims.

The funding will go to help groups - like the Croydon Youth Development Trust (new window) and Manchester Young Lives (new window) - that work with young people to prevent them becoming involved in gun, gang and knife crime.

The money will also be given to organisations that support the families and friends of homicide victims. These include the Damilola Taylor Trust (new window) and Mothers Against Murder and Aggression (new window).

Part of the Tackling Knives Action Programme

The funding is part of the government’s one-year extension of the successful Tackling Knives Action Programme. That programme works intensively in 15 areas around the country with serious knife crime problems. In the areas targeted by the programme, injuries related to knife crime fell sharply last year.

The organisations, who all work in the Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP) areas, will receive funding from the homicide section of the victims’ fund, the youth sector development fund or the community fund. Community fund grants will be awarded following successful completion of the due diligence process.  

Serious about tackling youth violence

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the investment demonstrated how committed the government is to dealing with youth violence.

'The organisations receiving funding today work tirelessly with communities at the very frontline of the fight against knife crime, and demonstrate how at every level we are tackling serious youth violence,' he said.

'I am committed to making our streets safer by tackling the minority of young people who commit serious violence through enforcement, tougher sentencing, and also stronger prevention, sending out a very clear message that it will not be tolerated.' 

More information 

Find more details about those who received funding on the Home Office Crime Reduction website (new window).

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