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New domestic violence leaflet offers support and advice

10 February 2009

The Home Secretary has launched a new leaflet with information on how to support a friend or relative who is in a violent relationship.

The purse-sized guide explains how you can recognise if someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, and what practical support is available in order to help them.

Practical tips in the leaflet include:

  • finding out about the services available so that the person affected can make informed choices
  • agreeing a code word or action so they can let you know if they are in danger
  • making sure you also have the support you need in order to support them

Victims’ Champion Sara Payne said, "Domestic violence can make you feel trapped and by making information available we can support people who want to help someone at risk as well as individuals who want to take the brave step of leaving a violent relationship themselves.”

Read the domestic violence leaflet

Printed copies will also be available at branches of Jobcentre Plus, GP surgeries and local crime fighting agencies.

Banks working to support independence

The Home Office has also been working with the British Banker’s Association to provide addition banking support for victims. The new measures will allow victims to open an independent account without the usual requirements for multiple proof of identity or address.

The Home Secretary said, "I also know that one of the reasons why many women remain in abusive situations is concerns about financial independence - I do not want any woman to feel trapped.

"I hope that new information about how the banks can support victims, even if it's just by offering to discuss personal and sensitive financial matters privately or explaining that they will accept non-traditional forms of ID when you need to open a new account, will enable more women to feel they can take their first step towards breaking away from their abusers.”

More funding for support services

Other measures introduced today include:

  • a further £3.5m to stop interpersonal violence
  • £860,000 to support domestic violence helplines
  • a fast-track service and updated training for Jobcentre Plus staff so they can better identify and support victims.

Cross-government strategy to stop violence against women

The government will shortly launch a consultation on a new strategy to combat violence against women. The strategy will focus on actions to prevent violence, challenging attitudes and reducing the fear of serious violence that some women may feel.

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