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Clamping down on wheel clampers

3 April 2009

Wheel clamping firms could soon face tough new rules.

At present, clampers need a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA), but not the company they work for. The proposed new rules will mean that the company itself must also be licenced. This will ensure all wheel-clamping companies behave responsibly, and will help the SIA hold them to account if they do not.

Better regulation

The proposals will be outlined in a consultation at the end of April, which will look at preventing wheel-clampers from: 

  • charging excessive fees
  • towing cars unreasonably quickly after they’re clamped
  • hiding or using confusing signs to warn drivers they might be clamped
  • denying car owners the right to appeal

‘Unacceptable behaviour’

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said, that licensing individual wheel clampers had improved standards in the industry, but more should be done about ‘unacceptabel behaviour’ by clamping companies.

‘It has become clear that the existing licensing scheme does not address all the concerns the public have,’ she said. 
‘That is why we intend to look carefully at how we can introduce a scheme for compulsory licensing of clamping companies and will publish proposals shortly.’

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