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Anti-social behaviour

Types of ASB

Most types of anti-social behaviour fit into one of three categories: street problems, nuisance neighbours or environmental crime.

These categories cover a broad range of conduct ranging from groups of youths behaving aggressively in shopping precincts, to neighbours who don't clean up after their dogs, to the misuse of fireworks.

Anti-social behaviour impacts on individuals, families and communities: it prevents a peaceful community life and degrades the environment.

But you don't have to tolerate it.  This section explains what we're doing to combat the different types of anti-social behaviour and how you can get something done about it in your area.

Explore this section:

  • Street problems

    Intimidation, drunkenness, and begging are allanti-socialbehaviour.Find out more.

  • Nuisance neighbours

    Information about how to deal with trouble neighbours.

  • Environmental crime

    Littering and graffiti can have a big impact on any neighbourhood, we're trying to stop it.

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