Innovators Council: call for ideas (Closed 5 June 2009)

  • Have you got ideas about how people delivering public services can work better together?
  • Have you spotted areas of duplication in public services which could be cut out?


The closing date for receiving ideas for the Innovators' Council has now passed. The first meeting will look at a sample of ideas to take forward in July. Information about the meeting will be available on this page soon.


Although we face the global downturn with public services in better shape than they have been, we should use this period to look again at how we can improve them.  With your help we can emerge from recession with a new generation of public services which are more effective and efficient for the taxpayer; better focused on the individual needs of the public; and which staff are confident and proud to deliver.

This is not a job that can be done by government alone. The people who are closest to the delivery of services often have the best ideas about what needs to change. Whether you are using public services, delivering them or involved in some other way we want to get your ideas, develop and test them with you and others who have an interest, and make things better.

We are looking to you for ideas to make our public services more efficient by building them around the needs of citizens, cutting out waste and changing the way we work together.  You can be as creative as you like – we are looking for radical and innovative suggestions. The best ideas will be supported by the Innovators Council, a group of some of the brightest and most creative people working in public services. The Council will be meeting for the first time on 24th June and if your idea makes it onto the shortlist you will be invited to come along and take part.

But remember. We are looking for practical suggestions for improvements. If you want to complain about a service, or make a general point about the government there are other channels.
If your idea can be explained in a few words, you can let us know on the Public Experience website ( [External website]) by 5 June 2009. If what you are suggesting is more complicated you can e-mail it to us or post it to us at Room 1.17, Admiralty Arch, Lonson SW1A 2WH.