Infectious Diseases »

We collect, collate, analyse and interpret information to identify outbreaks and monitor patterns in the prevalence of infectious diseases and the performance of vaccine programmes.

Swine influenza

 Flu Response Centres:contact details for use by health professionals (PDF, 239 KB)

Chemicals & Poisons »

We assess the health effects of short and long-term exposure to hazardous chemicals in air, water, soil and waste.

Environmental Noise and Health in the UK – draft for comment

COMEAP report on Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution

Carbon monoxide

Radiation »

We look at the public health risks of ionising and non-ionising radiation, including ultrasound and infrasound from natural and man-made sources

Application of the 2007 Recommendations of the ICRP to the UK: RCE 12

Radon maps: The Health Protection Agency has published new radon maps of Scotland.

Emergency Response »

We are responsible for developing responses to the deliberate or accidental release of biological, chemical, or radiological agents.

Heatwave: Planning for extreme weather

CBRN incidents: A guide to clinical management and health protection

What we do

National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC)

NIBSC, an HPA Centre, is a world leader in the standardisation and control of biological medicines such as vaccines and products made from blood and tissues, ensuring they are safe and effective.

National Institute of Biological Standards and Control


Special Services

We provide independent testing and support services to many groups and organisations.
Business services


Increasing the Evidence

We apply the best science possible in support of its responsibility to protect the health of the country.

Providing the Evidence Base for Public Health - The Health Protection Agency's Research Strategy 2005-10
Advice & Information

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Information from pregnancy through to teen years.

Useful advice for people travelling abroad.

Issues affecting young people.

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