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The Cabinet Office is at the centre of government, making government work better. This website brings together information from units in the Department.

Business expenses to be published

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The Cabinet Secretary has decided that business expenses incurred by the most senior civil servants on official duty will be published for the first time, reflecting the Civil Service's commitment to transparency. Around 250 of the most senior civil servants, from director-general level and above, will publish their business expenses shortly and every quarter from then on. The Cabinet Secretary believes it is right that he should set an example and lead the way by publishing his business expenses first.

Building Britain's future growth, jobs and better public services


The Prime Minister has today, 29 June 2009,  published a plan for Building Britain’s Future. It is a radical vision for a fairer, stronger and more prosperous society. Public service entitlements will for the first time be guaranteed to parents, patients and communities. New measures will also drive economic growth and create jobs.

New goal to get more people with learning disabilities into work

Valuing Employment Now Publication

The Social Exclusion Task Force, in partnership with the Department of Health and the Department for Work and Pensions, has led the publication of a cross-government Learning Disability Employment Strategy, called Valuing Employment Now: Real Jobs For People With Learning Disabilities. The strategy sets out a vision to increase the number of real jobs for people with learning disabilities with appropriate support being provided, and close the employment gap with their employment rate and that of the disabled population as a whole.

National Security Strategy - 2009 update published

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The Prime Minister today announced strong new measures to protect the UK and British citizens from the growing threats to our security in cyber space and take advantage of the opportunities of Digital Britain. With modern life increasingly dependent on computers and communications technology cyber space is a new area where hostile states, terrorists, and criminals can all threaten UK security interests.

Civil Service Fast Stream Recruitment 2008

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The Civil Service Fast Stream is a training and development programme which attracts some of the country's most talented graduates. The Civil Service recruits to the Fast Stream on the basis of fair and open competition and selection on merit. This report summarises Fast Stream recruitment in the year ending November 2008.

Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2009


The 2009 Queen’s Birthday Honours List is now available, with the majority of this years awards, which recognise outstanding achievement and service across the whole of the United Kingdom, going to ordinary people – local heroes from a range of fields – who have made a real difference to life in their communities.

Sir Philip Mawer's report into allegations published

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The Cabinet Office has published Sir Philip Mawer's report into allegations published by the Daily Telegraph on 15 May that Mr Shahid Malik MP had benefited from rent at a preferential rate on both his office and home in Dewsbury. Some personal details have been removed from the report for privacy reasons. Sir Philip Mawer, the Prime Minister’s independent adviser on the Ministerial Code, found that Mr Malik had not breached the Ministerial Code; this was on the basis of an independent evaluation of the properties. The rent said to have been charged was reasonable in the light of market and other commercial considerations.

The Prime Minister, on receiving the report, noted that Sir Philip Mawer had found that Mr Malik had not breached the Ministerial Code. The Prime Minister however was clear that Mr Malik would need to put his rental arrangements in respect of the Dewsbury property on a more formal basis, with a formal tenancy agreement that specified the rent to be paid, and for paying all of his rent in future by direct debit. He requested Mr Malik write to him to confirm this was the case. Mr Malik wrote to say he had already done this.

‘We want the top jobs and need better careers advice’ - Young people tell Alan Milburn's review

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A new survey by the Panel on Fair Access to Professions reveals that young people feel they are not given the careers advice they need but have a thirst for a professional career.

Pioneer of the World Wide Web to advise the government on using data

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

The Prime Minister has announced the appointment of the man credited with inventing the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as expert adviser on public information delivery. The announcement was part of a statement on constitutional reform made in the House of Commons.

Tom Watson to leave the Cabinet Office

Tom Watson

Tom Watson MP, Minister for Digital Engagement and Civil Service Issues, has offered his resignation to the Prime Minister this morning, describing his 18 months in the Cabinet Office as an ‘enormous pleasure’.

Tom will continue to serve the Government as a backbench MP for West Bromwich East.

Intelligence Security Committee - Review of the Intelligence on the London Terrorist Attacks on 7 July 2005

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The Intelligence Security Committee has published its Review of the Intelligence on the London Terrorist Attacks on 7 July 2005. The Review addresses the unanswered questions relating to the intelligence on the 7/7 bombers, particularly those arising out of the investigation of the 2004 fertiliser bomb (CREVICE) plot.

Innovators council announced

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The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Liam Byrne, announced a new Innovators Council made up of creative thinkers from public services, charities and businesses to help drive public service reform. The Council will fast-track ideas generated by frontline staff and citizens to deliver better and more efficient services.

‘Britain's got talent’ – Milburn says ‘let’s unlock it’

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The Access to Professions Panel, led by Rt Hon Alan Milburn MP has challenged professions to open their doors so a top career is open to people regardless of their social background. The Panel has published new figures showing how Britain is divided when it comes to getting a professional career.

Transformational Government Annual Report

Annual report cover

This is the third annual Transformational Government report, setting out the progress that has been made during 2008. It shows how the Cabinet Office has worked with government departments and the wider public sector across service boundaries to develop solutions, programmes and services that are both effective and efficient from the perspective of the customer, the taxpayer and staff.

Director of Digital Engagement

astott_small.jpgAndrew Stott has been appointed to the new role of Director of Digital Engagement, a position created to take forward the Power of Information agenda. Based in Government Communications at the Cabinet Office, he will work across government departments to encourage, support and challenge them to converse and collaborate with citizens through digital technology.