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IT in Government

The Cabinet Office plays a central role in providing guidance and setting standards for the use of information technology in government and the delivery of government services.

Open Source, Open Standards and Re–Use: Government Action Plan

The Government considers that in order to deliver its key objectives a programme of positive action is now needed to ensure that there is an effective ‘level playing field’ between open source and proprietary software and to realise the potential contribution open source software can make to wider aims of re–use and open standards.

Chief Information Officer Council

The Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council brings together CIOs from across all parts of the public sector to address common issues. The webpages consists of four independent sections detailing the work and plans of the various workstreams of the CIO Council.

Central Sponsor for Information Assurance

The CSIA unit within the Cabinet Office works to protect IT and electronic communication systems in the UK and raise awareness of the need for protection.

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