Productive Community Services

Productive Community Services

The NHS Institute is setting up a NHS-wide Productive Community Services programme. It will be a partnership with NHS providers of community health services.

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The Productive Community Services programme provides an evidence-based approach to improve the way we work across the range of services and pathways of community care.

It supports all our staff across NHS organisations who deliver frontline community services such as community nurses, therapists and health visitors.

It focuses on those areas for improvement where we can make the biggest difference most quickly for the largest number of patients.

Generic Approach

Our tools help frontline teams to analyse their activities and to develop more effective working systems. This means that it is the staff themselves who will improve their own processes working closely with their patients and other key partners, like GPs.

We are producing a set of flexible improvement tools and approaches that:

  • local providers of community health services can adopt to help accelerate the pace of change and get results for patients and staff
  • local commissioners can utilise to encourage best practice

Modular Based

Like our other Productives, we have developed an evidence-based approach that can be adapted for use across the range of care pathways and that will resonate with staff delivering front line services.

We have created a series of modules to support community teams  to increase their performance and that will be available to the whole NHS.

Tools for you to use

Our tools release time for clinical staff to care and release time for leaders to lead by improving the basic ways we organise and manage our work whilst improving quality, safety and patient experience.

Our tools include:

The well organised patient pathway
To help front line teams to analyse their current activities and to develop and test more effective working systems.

Patient status at a glance
To enable multi-professional and multi-location teams to understand the status of every patient, using the most up-to-date “visual management” techniques.

Knowing how we are doing
To enable local teams to understand team performance and set team improvement goals in areas such as safety, quality, productivity, patient experience and staff experience.

Right people, Right Time
To get the most out of the people and avoid bottlenecks by managing caseloads better and plan staff activity more effectively.


Service improvement survey At the end of August 2008 all directors of provider services were sent an online survey to help us capture the improvement & transformation work that has been taking place in community health services. We will be posting the results of the survey, including improvement updates on this site.


Download the Productive Community Services leaflet (The Productive Series 363.40 KB)

Productive Community Services is part of The Productive Series (The Productive Series 611.85 KB)

Download the  Step Improvements in Community Services (Step Improvements in Community Services 2nd Dec 08 314.19 KB) survey