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Welcome to the National Library for Public Health

The National Library for Public Heath is a constantly developing resource and information is updated frequently. The resources for the Choosing Health priority areas shown below are now fully available and can be easily accessed via the boxes below.


Other resources can be found using the search box above or the left hand menu.


For information regarding Swine Flu, please visit the Health Protection Agency or NHS Direct.

Further information regarding Pandemic Influenza can be found in our Library.


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View mental health evidence 

Further information on mental health is available from NEPHO.

View sexual health evidence

Further information on sexual health is available from SWPHO.


View health inequalities evidence 

Further information on health inequalities is available from the LHO.


View tobacco evidence

Further information on smoking is available from the LHO.

View children and young people evidence

Further information on children and young people is available from ChiMat.


View alcohol evidence

Further information on alcohol is available from NWPHO.


View obesity evidence

Further information on obesity is available from SEPHO.

View physical activity evidence

Further information on physical activity is available from SEPHO.


View dental health evidence

Further information on dental health is available from NWPHO.

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To search the site, use the left hand menu or search box above. Each subject is sorted into these categories:

Guidance & pathways - for clinical and service guidelines.

Evidence - for Cochrane Reviews, DARE abstracts and other evidence-based research.

References - for specialist websites, organisations and NHS Evidence - specialist collections Annual Evidence Updates.

Education/CPD - for learning materials and online courseware.

Patient Information - for patient orientated leaflets and support groups.

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