About the NHS Institute

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement supports the NHS to transform healthcare for patients and the public by rapidly developing and spreading new ways of working, new technology and world class leadership.

The next leg of the journey: How do we make High Quality Care for All a Reality?

Download (Download 298.68 KB), this new paper reviewing the regional Darzi reports and focusing on the ‘how’ of implementation in delivering anticipated changes.

Business plan 2009/10

The current business plan (2009/10) is available via download.

Why the NHS Institute?

A national coordinated focus on the biggest challenges to the service. Applying rigorous methodology to develop ideas. Co-production with the NHS full integrated solutions. Bringing in the best from across the NHS, industry and internationally.

What can it do for me?

All NHS Institute products will demonstrate proven value before they are rolled out through our rigorous process of testing and co-production to maximise impact and minimise risk

  • We will make our products easy for you to implement through highly adaptable designs to meet the specific needs of organisations, providing guidance on implementation
  • We will actively seek ways of involving the frontline
  • We will measure our impact for everything that we produce
  • We will be continually self-critical in our search for finding better ways of doing things


The NHS Institute