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Designated Collection - Compton Verney

Designation Scheme

MLA’s Designation Scheme identifies the pre-eminent collections of national and international importance held in England's non-national museums, libraries and archives, based on their quality and significance. These inspiring collections represent a vital part of our national cultural and artistic heritage. 

The Scheme was launched in 1997 and now recognises 125 collections held in museums, libraries and archives.

The Scheme recognises that organisations with Designated collections care for a significant part of England’s cultural heritage and  sets out to raise standards across the sector. Organisations holding Designated collections are expected to work towards the provision of high-quality services which deliver the fullest possible access to those collections and to take a leadership role in the sector by helping other institutions in such ways as sharing expertise, offering advice and lending objects or materials.

For further information please contact  Paula Brikci (Designation Manager) or Sarah Waldron (Team Assistant):

Tel: +44 (0)121 345 7315

Applying for Designation

Panel meetings are held twice a year, normally in January and July

Applications for Designated status are considered by a Panel composed of senior members of the museum, library and archive professions, who meet twice a year (normally in January and July).

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Designation benefits

Designation benefits England's cultural heritage

The scheme identifies nationally significant cultural assets in museums, libraries and archives and builds a strong understanding of our shared heritage.

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Designation brand

Identity guidelines for the Designation Scheme

The MLA's Designation Scheme highlights collections of national importance across England.

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