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June 2009/19 (web only)
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Request for data

Completed survey forms should be returned to HEFCE by Friday 17 July 2009

EU statistics on public procurement – annual return for calendar year 2008

This document requires all institutions to report the contracts they have awarded in the calendar year 2008, in accordance with the European Community’s Directives on Public Procurement.

To: Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions
English regional purchasing consortia
Of interest to those responsible for: Finance, Planning, Services
Reference: 2009/19
Publication date: June 2009
Enquiries to: Stephen Butcher, HEFCE Head of Procurement and Shared Services
tel 0117 931 7425

Executive summary (read online)


Main report and annexes

[ Adobe PDF 529K | MS Word 167K ]

EU Statistics Return 2008

[ MS Excel 50K ]


  • Executive summary
  • Background
  • Guidance
  • Returns
  • List of abbreviations
  • Annex A Justifications for use of the negotiated procedure
  • EU statistics return - 2008

Executive summary


1.   This document requires all HEFCE-funded higher education institutions to report the contracts they have awarded in the calendar year 2008, in accordance with the European Community’s Directives on Public Procurement.

Key points

2.   The EU Procurement Directives have been implemented into national law in the UK by Regulations. Revised Regulations came into force on 31 January 2006 to implement new Procurement Directives.

3.   The information required is set out in the survey form at Annex D. We collect this information on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

4.   As in previous years, institutions are required to submit returns electronically, and to use Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes.

5.   Returns for 2008 should follow the same format as for 2007. The provision relating to the statistics exercise can be found in regulation 40 of the Public Contracts Regulations (Adode PDF).

6.   Information is required for each contract or framework agreement awarded during calendar year 2008 where the estimated value is above the threshold of the Regulations (or is otherwise caught by the aggregation rules) and it does not fall within the scope of one of the specified exemptions contained within the Regulations. This is a legal requirement, not a matter of discretion.

7.   The Public Contracts Regulations require that annual statistical returns must be sent to the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) by 31 July 2009. This is to enable the information, which consists of some 7,000 lines of data, to be collated in order to meet the deadline set out in the Procurement Directive. OGC would like to thank authorities for the extra effort put in by all concerned with last year’s exercise, which meant that the statistics were submitted promptly for the first time in many years.

8.   Every third year the OGC is required to provide compliance cost information to HM Treasury on the cost of collecting the returns from local authorities, the NHS, education bodies, Registered Social Landlords and Housing Associations. Institutions are requested to assist in the provision of this information.

Action required

9.   Completed survey forms should be returned by e-mail to Ruth Carpenter at HEFCE ( by Friday 17 July 2009. Returns must be made on the EU Statistics Return 2008. Where a nil return applies, institutions should still complete and return the form.