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31 March 2009 HEFCE logo
To  Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions
Telephone 0117 931 7317
Facsimile 0117 931 7203

Circular letter number 08/2009

For further information contact Ian Lewis, telephone 0117 931 7336, e-mail

Dear Vice-Chancellor or Principal

Reprofiling of funding for 2008-09

1.   This letter announces a slight change to the profile of basic grant for learning and teaching for the 2008-09 academic year. We will be making an additional payment across all higher education institutions in March 2009 and will reduce profiled payments in July 2009 by the same amount.

2.    We do not intend to re-issue grant profiles for the remainder of the 2008-09 academic year, but details of the payment will appear on the March 2009 remittance advice. If you wish to know the amount ahead of this, or the change to the July 2009 profiled payment, contact Karen Mackay at

3.   Those institutions in receipt of profiled capital payments will also receive an additional payment of Teaching Capital Investment Fund (TCIF) and Research Capital Investment Fund (RCIF) funding in March 2009 which will be deducted from profiled payments in May 2009. Revised capital profiles will be sent out in due course, and will include the changes arising from bringing forward capital spending from 2010-11 (for further details, see 'Bringing forward capital spending from 2010-11', HEFCE Circular letter 35/2008).

Yours sincerely

Steve Egan
Deputy Chief Executive