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Annual outturn statement

The annual inherited liabilities outturn statement is ready for completion.

Inherited staff liabilities

Inherited staff liabilities are certain staff-related commitments of previously local authority maintained universities and colleges of higher education. These liabilities were transferred from the local authority to higher education institutions (HEIs) on incorporation. Consequently, acts of parliament in 1988 and 1992 empowered first the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council (PCFC), and then HEFCE, to reimburse certain institutions and local education authorities for staff-related liabilities.

The liabilities for which we may provide reimbursement fall into three main categories:

  • early retirement or redundancy compensation payments
  • protection of salary
  • pension increases under local government superannuation schemes for former non-teaching staff in institutions formerly funded by the PCFC.

2008 Consultation

Following the 2007 review, we consulted those local authorities, pension authorities, and HEIs that are in receipt of these funds on possible changes to HEFCE's policy of reimbursing inherited staff liabilities. The consultation publication was 'Reimbursement of inherited staff liabilities: Consultation on possible changes to HEFCE policy' (HEFCE 2008/23).

In January 2009 we published a summary of consultation responses together with next steps, in which we invite nominations to join a discussion group.

Next steps and summary of consultation responses

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2007 review

We are reviewing our staff related inherited liabilities scheme. As part of our review we asked local authorities, pension authorities and HEIs that are in receipt of these funds to complete the questionnaire below, by Wednesday 31 October 2007. Where we are still awaiting this information we have advised those local authorities that we will be suspending payment from 1 April 2008.

Questionnaire for completion by HEIs

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Questionnaire for completion by local authorities and pension authorities

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Annual outturn statement

Local authorities and pension authorities must complete the annual inherited liabilities outturn statement below in order for us to make the final adjustment to the annual payment we make to them. The deadline for submitting returns is 30 September 2009.

Annual outturn statement 2008-09

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Annexes A-D and G - forms for completion

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Annexes E and F - spreadsheets for completion

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Annual outturn statement 2007-08

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Annexes A-D and G - forms for completion

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Annexes E and F - spreadsheets for completion

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Further information and claims

For further information and claims for inherited staff liability, contact Donna Iafrati at HEFCE, e-mail, tel 0117 931 7357.

Last updated 4 February 2009