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HEFCE News : 2009

More news and a round up of information issued by the HEFCE is published in Council Briefing and HEFCE Update.

25 June 2009

£7.8 million grant to tackle common problems in HE

New funds will enhance the national role of the Open University, and enable shared solutions to common problems in the higher education sector.

17 June 2009

Management of human resources in HE has been transformed

The higher education sector has seen widespread improvements in human resources management since 2001, according to an independent study.

16 June 2009

Swine flu: updated government guidance

Guidance for higher and further education institutions on dealing with swine flu.

15 June 2009

Drive to boost STEM will raise student numbers and aid economy

More about the national programme to increase the number of graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

8 June 2009

National celebration of Aimhigher gets under way

A week to highlight the considerable breadth and success of Aimhigher activity across the country is launched today.

4 June 2009

Participation in higher education continues to widen

The 11th set of UK higher education performance indicators were published today.

22 May 2009

HEFCE commissions review of languages provision

The review will look at the long-term sustainability and vitality of modern foreign languages in England.

13 May 2009

Capital investment in research drives up productivity and attracts business

Capital funding in universities has produced a range of benefits, according to a report published today.

13 May 2009

HEFCE statement following the Secretary of State's letter of 6 May

The HEFCE Board at its meeting on 7 May considered the implications for universities and colleges of the Secretary of State's letter.

11 May 2009

Economy to benefit from 60 million of new higher education projects

HEFCE has approved a further 60 million of capital funding, with some projects able to start this month.

11 May 2009

Ground-breaking mentoring scheme will help pupils aim higher

The national Aimhigher Associates programme launched today, following a successful pilot last year.

8 May 2009

Entry and completion of part-time students examined

HEFCE has published a report on the characteristics of part-time study focusing on the completion rates of students entering a first degree.

7 May 2009

Impact of the Budget Statement on higher education 2010-11

Letter from the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills following the Budget Statement of 22 April 2009.

27 April 2009

Study shows diversity of student experience

An examination of international differences in the student experience shows an increasingly diverse student landscape.

16 April 2009

25 million awarded to transform approaches to energy consumption

Forty-four higher education institutions will receive awards via the Revolving Green Fund.

9 April 2009

Universities offer help for communities in tough times

Successful bidders for a share of 50 million in the economic investment match-funding scheme are announced.

1 April 2009

Investment in higher education benefits the economy and society

Money spent on higher education's work with the wider world is providing long-term value for money, according to a report published by HEFCE.

26 March 2009

HEFCE launches strategy for technology-enhanced learning

Following an independent review, a new publication sets out a revised approach to HEFCE's e-learning strategy.

13 March 2009

Aimhigher summer schools reach disadvantaged young people

A report analysing Aimhigher summer schools is published today.

10 March 2009

New world-class centres for academic health science announced

HEFCE welcomes the creation of globally competitive partnerships between universities and leading NHS organisations.

9 March 2009

A new 'University Challenge' aims for up to 20 new HE centres

HEFCE has set out the process for submitting proposals for a new higher education centre or university campus.

5 March 2009

8 billion for English higher education to secure future prosperity

HEFCE will make available 7,994 million in funding for universities and colleges in England for 2009-10.

26 February 2009

New book celebrates the successes of English higher education

HEFCE champions the achievements of the higher education sector and encourages debate over its future.

20 February 2009

Launch of UK Research Reserve

The second phase of the programme to safeguard access to the UK's research journals has been launched.

19 February 2009

Achieving a sustainable future for learning and teaching

A report by the Financial Sustainability Strategy Group published today sets out what needs to be done to achieve a sustainable future for learning and teaching.

18 February 2009

Listening and responding to the student voice

While most institutions are positive about their student-engagement processes, student unions are more doubtful, according to a report commissioned by HEFCE.

17 February 2009

Study reveals growth in the numbers of PhD students

The number of starters to full-time PhD programmes grew by 22 per cent between 1996-97 and 2004-05 from 13,800 to 16,900, according to a study published today.

3 February 2009

New action plan for a more sustainable sector

A new plan to put higher education at the forefront of society's efforts to achieve sustainability has been published today by HEFCE.

29 January 2009

Funding for universities and colleges in 2009-10

HEFCE has set out a summary of the Board's decisions relating to the recent grant letter from the Secretary of State.

28 January 2009

HEFCE welcomes new campaign to promote science

HEFCE is supporting a new government campaign launched today to highlight the vital role science plays in the wellbeing and prosperity of Britain.

27 January 2009

Universities to respond rapidly to recession

The new Economic Challenge Investment Fund will enable higher education to respond quickly to the fallout from the economic downturn.

27 January 2009

Progress in reducing accountability burden on universities

The costs of accountability for universities and colleges have continued to fall according to a report published today.

22 January 2009

Grant announcement for higher education 2009-10

The Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills has set out the funding for higher education in 2009-10 in the annual grant letter to HEFCE.

19 January 2009

HEFCE's response to review of the Leitch report's impact

HEFCE has welcomed the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee report examining the impact of Lord Leitch's 2006 review of skills.

12 January 2009

Call for strategic assessments of widening participation

HEFCE and OFFA today set out details of the new form of reporting on widening participation in higher education institutions.