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Welcome to the Chemicals Regulation Directorate Website

CRD is also the Competent Authority in the UK for detergents: Detergents home page


CRD Business Plan

9 June 2009:The Business Plan setting out CRD's aims, objectives and targets for 3 year period 2009/2012 has now been published and is available on our website.

Latest Regulatory and Information Updates

Other news

  • CAIP Meeting Minutes 7 May 2009
    4 June 2009: the minutes of the Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) stakeholder meeting on 7 May 2009 are now available.
  • Pesticides Forum Home
    29 April 2009: The Pesticides Forum has published its latest Annual Report.
  • 2008 WIIS Quarterly Reports
    8 April 2009:  A spreadsheet of quarterly reports of  pesticide poisoning of animals for all of  2008 is now available.
  • Pest, Disease and Weed Incidence Information
    23 March 2009: The 2008 ADAS report on the incidence of pests, weeds and diseases in a broad range of cropping situations is now available.
  • Weed Resistance Action Group: Home
    13 March 2009: Broad-leaved weed resistance review (part PS2709) - A copy of the review and a leaflet, targeted at the amenity weed control sector, are now available.



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