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Civil Service Fast Stream Recruitment 2008

Published by the Cabinet Office, June 2009


The Civil Service Fast Stream is a training and development programme which attracts some of the country's most talented graduates. Fast Streamers are selected for their potential to become the leaders of the future, and it is expected that many will reach the Senior Civil Service.

The Civil Service recruits to the Fast Stream on the basis of fair and open competition and selection on merit. This report summarises Fast Stream recruitment in the year ending November 2008.

To help you understand the Report

The Fast Stream consists of five separate schemes:

The Economist, Statistician and Technology schemes all involve a test of professional aptitude, but the underlying Fast Stream assessment is aligned with that of the Graduate Fast Stream.

The Graduate Fast Stream selection process is briefly explained on page 3. All Graduate Fast Stream options except Central Departments apply some form of final selection procedure after the Assessment Centre before deciding whom to recommend for appointment. However, all candidates who achieve the pass mark at the Assessment Centre have reached the required standard and are guaranteed a place in the Central Departments option if they want it.

There is also an annual competition (the In-Service competition) for serving civil servants who wish to join the Graduate Fast Stream. This too is included in the Report.

Headline figures (for all schemes combined, but excluding the In-Service competition)

1 An application is deemed to have been submitted if a candidate has completed the self-assessment and proceeds to take the online tests. See page 3.