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Climate change is already impacting our wildlife, countryside and coast

Biodiversity must adapt to climate change. For many habitats and species, this will be difficult because the landscape across Europe is fragmented and past decisions limit the opportunities for adaptation.

Spatial planners must act now to create a landscape and coastline that can withstand the effects of climate change. BRANCH (Biodiversity Requires Adaptation in Northwest Europe under a CHanging climate) provides the guidance and evidence to take action.

An INTERREG IIIB funded project, BRANCH brought together planners policy makers and scientists from England, France and the Netherlands, to show how spatial planning could help biodiversity to adapt to climate change.

Main image Pyramidal orchid. Natural England; climate suitability space for middle spotted woodpecker. Alterra; visualisation of Isle of Wight (UK) undercliff. Tyndall Centre

BRANCH final report - this report sets out what the project achieved and recommends how current planning practices should be improved to incorporate adaptation to climate change...further information

BRANCH final conference - Delegates from National Ministries, the European Commission, conservation bodies and European NGOs, gathered in Brussels to discuss the implications of BRANCH's results and next steps...further information

BRANCH out - the final issue of the project’s newsletter detailing the project’s transnational work with stakeholders...further information