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How the programme works

The Productive Community Services programme is a scalable, team based application of Lean for a community care based setting:

  • It is a community team based programme. Suitable for implementation by different teams from District Nurses through to Occupational Therapists, from traditional to rapid response and from specialist to generalist clinical teams
  • Your Team Leaders will implement a structured series of 17 self directed learning modules with coaching by your central improvement facilitators
  • The modules build from the bottom up in a defined sequence. Working towards creating your Productive Community Service
  • There is a heavy emphasis on planning at wide and narrow time periods to ensure a solid, stable foundation for improved care delivery
  • You and your leadership team play a pivotal role in coaching and enabling your team leaders in implementing Productive Community Services:
    • Focussed on field work services
    • Concentrate on the ‘how to’
    • Improvement tools to help community service staff
    • Built & tested by community staff