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Advice Service

The Advice Service
The Advice Service is located in the Families Centre, Churchill Square, Helensburgh. Sometimes described as the Naval equivalent of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, it provides a wealth of information and advice across a broad range of Service and civilian issues that are relevant to RN/RM personnel and their families. It is an ideal starting point when seeking advice or information on any issue and provides a confidential service.

Families Centre
Churchill Square
G84 9HL

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 679526

Email E-mail: richard-keller@btconnect.com

website Web site: Location search for G84 9HL

Families Information Link Line (FILL)
A regularly updated recorded message telephone information line to provide families with general details of an individual ship's/unit's deployment activities. The message is sent from the ship/RM unit and is then recorded onto the line by the Advice Service staff and accessible day or night by families holding the relevant number. The cost of telephoning the FILL is 5p per minute, the minimum tariff that phone companies charge for the service. Commanding Officers are instructed to keep the messages to no more than 2 minutes in length.

LINK Letter Scheme (LLS)
The LLS is a scheme through which information such as changes to ships' programmes, details of unexpected incidents etc., can be rapidly disseminated from deployed ships or units to family and friends at home. This assists in reducing family concerns and anxiety by providing accurate and speedy news direct from source, helping to allay concerns of families in receipt of media reports or second-hand stories. Commanding Officers via their nominated Link Letter Officer decide when to activate the LLS and signal their news to the relevant Advice Service who then despatches the information by first or second class post to the nominated relatives or friends of those Service personnel who are in the scheme. All members of a unit are automatically included in the scheme unless they 'opt out' in writing. RM Units also operate this system when necessary.

Specialist Groups at NPFS North

Seasons For Growth
Seasons For Growth is a loss and grief education programme catering for young people aged 6-18 years. The core element of this programme is the promotion of social and emotional wellbeing for young people who have experienced significant loss due to death or family breakdown.

Seasons For Growth is based on the belief that change, loss and grief are a normal and valuable part of life. Children, adolescents and adults need the opportunity to examine how issues such as death, separation and divorce have impacted on their lives. Seasons For Growth is not counselling but a grief and loss peer support education programme and this is why NPFS are pleased to have been able to introduce this course in partnership with local primary and secondary schools.

An 8 week programme has successfully concluded at Colgrain Primary School, Helensburgh and there are plans to commence a second group for children ages 6 to 8 in the New Year.

Seasons for Growth is also being offered in Hermitage Academy, Helensburgh and it is hoped that as the benefits of this programme become evident, it will roll out to other schools in the local area.

Further information on Seasons For Growth is available from NPFS Northern Office:

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 672798

Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD)
Want to know how to beat them? NPFS North are proposing a support group within Helensburgh to assist people in coming to terms with these issues.

The group will start in the early part of 2005 and will take place one afternoon per week, over an 8 week period. A Creche facility will be available.

Interested? Please contact NPFS North on:

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 672798

Get Up And Go!
This is a 6 week self help group. It is set up and facilitated by NPFS North's Family Support Worker to assist people in dealing with separation and isolation issues. The meetings take the form of social activities and encourage people to extend their social networks.

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 672798 - ask for the Family Support Worker.

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