25 June, 2009

The Royal Navy Club of 1765 and 1785 (United 1889)

Founders' Day Dinner List - Thursday 5th February 2009

Admiral Sir Ian Garnett (Chairman)
The Guests: Mr Quentin Davies MP
Admiral Sir Jonathon Band  
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope
Rear Admiral P Lambert
Rear Admiral R G Cooling (Committee member)
Mrs P Sharma

Commodore AAS Adaire
Commander S M Allen
Rear Admiral M Anderson 
AF Sir Benjamin Bathurst 
Commander M J D Beardall
Commander R T N Best
Admiral the Lord Boyce
Commander P D Burke
Commodore the Hon Michael Cochrane  
Rear Admiral D J Cooke     
Rear Admiral Sir Jeremy de Halpert (Vice Chairman)   
Captain K N M Evans  
Rear Admiral P M Franklyn (Committee member)
Commodore T P Fraser (Committee member)     
Commander P M Fyfe 
Captain M D Garratt
Commander D B Habershon (Committee member)
Captain J Hall (Secretary)    
Commodore D A Halliday    
Commander A P Hancock    
Rear Admiral N H L Harris    
Commodore N R Harris     
Commander R M M J Harvey    
Commander P J Haslam     
Captain M J Hawthorne     
Rear Admiral A P Hoddinott    
Commander S Holt     
Commander M R Honnoraty    
Commander R E D House    
Commodore P D Hudson     
Captain D R James     
Commodore C C C Johnstone    
Commander A D Jones     
Rear Admiral P A Jones     
Captain N I C Kettlewell 
Vice Admiral T J H Laurence    
Commander M Lister     
Commander W M Logan (Committee member) 
Commander A H Lorimer    
Commander J G Malec (Committee member) 
Commodore M P Mansergh
Vice Admiral J H S McAnally  
Commodore P J Melson     
Rear Admiral C P R Montgomery (Committee member)   
Vice Admiral Sir Christopher Morgan   
Commander J D Morley     
Commander P J Mosse     
Commodore D J M Mowlam    
Commander C P J O’Flaherty    
Commander P N Olive     
Captain J J Pearson
Captain H Peltor     
Commander G W Pettit     
Commander A W Reed     
Commander C I Reid     
Rear Admiral A D Richards    
Captain J A Rimington     
Commander E A Rowe     
Admiral Sir Jock Slater     
Captain I M Stallion     
Commander P N Tebbet    
Captain P J Thicknesse     
Captain A E Thomson     
Commodore J G H Tighe     
Captain S W Upright     
Commander R C Vitali     
Commander A J L Watt (Committee member)  
Commodore S T Williams     
Commander D R Wilson

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