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Life in a Service family can feel like a perpetual game of musical chairs, waiting for the time when the music stops and you have to grab a little piece of stability and peace for the family. One major part of this game is relocating from place to place. This may be across the street or across the world. Here are some tips to help smooth the ride.

"Life in a blue suit"... "you never dip out"... "life in the Andrew"... whatever "jackspeak" you hear, you know that drafting is part of Naval life. Whether you are a Rating/Marine or an Officer, you will be moved from place to place. This is part of being in the Services and is an age-old method of ensuring the Navy has the right person in the right place. Here are some of the more pertinent points to consider.

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House Moving...Moving House
Whether you are going from one quarter to another, or port to port, you still have to move all your belongings, transfer the bills, and pack the budgie! Here's what you need to consider when you move from place to place.

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Don't Forget the Kids!!! Schooling and Moving
Children like stability, and change can be unsettling. One key part of helping them cope with the changes of moving is to ensure their transition from school to school is as smooth as possible. Here are some tips.

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Relocating Your Health and Dental Care
Finding an NHS Dentist can be very hard these days and having to change every two or three years due to relocating can be very stressful. Then there are GPs, Health Visitors and Midwives! Changing doctors and dentists can be a real source of stress and when moving home you need to reduce any stress rather than add to it. Although we promise no miracles, forward planning may reduce the strain you may experience.

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Going Foreign!!
So you've been offered a foreign posting - do you accept, have you discussed it with your partner and family, do you know where it is? These, plus a multitude of other questions will be racing through your head at this time. Don't make the mistake of assuming that your loved ones are as keen as you are about "going foreign"!!

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Spouses Born Overseas - Welcome to the UK
You and your partner have recently come to the UK, having been recruited in your home country. The first thing we need to say is welcome. It is hoped that your move went smoothly and the new life you are starting is happy, but we also acknowledge that things can be difficult. Adjusting to the climate alone can be a major undertaking. Here's what's available:

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